Aerobic Septic Systems

An Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) is an advanced system that treats wastewater with oxygen to support the growth of aerobic bacteria. These bacteria efficiently break down organic material, transforming waste into carbon dioxide and water. Our state-of-the-art ATUs ensure a high level of waste treatment, making them an environmentally friendly choice for modern septic solutions.

Aerobic Septic Systems Explained

Unlike traditional septic setups, aerobic septic systems introduce oxygen to promote the breakdown of waste by aerobic bacteria. This results in a more refined effluent, which is especially beneficial for regions where soil conditions are less conducive to standard septic processes. In areas like Liberty, Chambers, and Harris County, Texas, where high water tables and specific soil compositions challenge conventional systems, aerobic units are not just beneficial, they're essential.

Our advanced aerobic systems are engineered for optimal efficiency, offering a viable solution for locations that cannot accommodate the drain fields necessary for traditional septic systems. They are particularly adept at replacing older, failing septic systems, playing a crucial role in safeguarding against groundwater contamination. By choosing an aerobic system, homeowners can ensure effective wastewater treatment even in challenging environments.


  • Increases the resale value of you home.
  • Easier to maintain; the alarm panel is usually a fast indicator of the problem. Components are easily replaced accordingly
  • Provides a higher level of treatment than a conventional septic systems
  • Helps protect valuable water resources where conventional septic systems are failing
  • Provides an environmentally friendly alternative for sites not suited for conventional septic systems
  • Reduces ammonia discharged to receiving waters

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We are confident in our team and services to provide you with an exceptional Septic Installation service. Below are a few reasons why you should trust Brighteyes:

  • Brighteyes installs Nayadic aerobic systems manufactured by Consolidated Treatment Systems, and has a long running relationship, knowledge, and experience with them
  • Different sized systems are offered to accommodate any application
  • Ease of maintenance, accessibility to components, smallest total water capacity to treat 500-1500 gallons per day (gpd).
  • Full-time registered sanitarian on staff which makes the permitting process easier for homeowners
  • Over 2500 systems installed by Brighteyes in Liberty, Chambers, and Southeast Harris Counties (Texas)
  • 22+ years in the business, 75+ years of combined experience, unmatched workmanship and competitive pricing

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