Septic Tank Pumping Services

Septic Tank Pumping

Routine septic tank pumping is highly recommended because it ensures your septic system is running at peak capacity.

In addition to scheduled pumping, Brighteyes will also perform a full inspection of your septic tank and the components within it.

Our customers know the advantages of choosing Brighteyes because our experience offers you the most capable technicians available. We maintain a customer database of every system we have installed or worked on, and we accommodate our customers within the same day, 95% of the time. If not the same day, the following morning. We strive to continue our dependability and integrity.


Why Should I Get My Septic Tank Pumped?

  • Prevents clogging and/or backing up
  • Keeps the septic system producing high quality of treated wastewater
  • Keeps the sprinklers functioning properly – not clogging
  • Extends the life of tank components (e.g. effluent pump & aerator compressor)

How Often Should I Get My Septic Tank Pumped?

  • Every 4 to 6 years or before if sludge levels in pump tank reach 10 – 12 inches
  • If pump or sprinkler heads start malfunctioning due to clogging

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Why Trust Brighteyes Septic?

We are confident in our team and services to provide you with an exceptional Septic Tank Pumping service, below is a few reasons why you should trust Brighteyes.

  •  Your entire system gets pumped, not just the tank
  •  Your tank is vacuumed out then washed to remove any remaining sludge. We clean out everything no sludge is left behind
  •  When the tanks were put in the ground nothing was in them and that’s how we leave them when we are done. We fill the aerobic chamber with clean water so the tanks do not float out of the ground

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