Septic Tank Pumping Services

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Pumping is a needed maintenance service that needs to be done to ensure your system runs properly. It is the best thing you can do to ensure the components of your system run properly and that you get the maximum life out of the components. Commonly, the number one issue with parts and components breaking on an aerobic septic system is not doing regular cleanouts of the system when they should be. Often this is due to either not remembering or because the system is out of sight out of mind, and can often be misled by a functional system and assuming nothing needs to be done. In hindsight, a septic system cleanout is cheaper than a cleanout with the addition of a new aerator and pump. In reality, your system’s components should last a long time when installed properly and routinely maintained.

Because septic cleaning is such a vital part of septic maintenance, Brighteyes staff are trained to clean the whole system thoroughly. Meaning we don’t just simply pump your system until it’s empty and consider the job done. There is much more to septic cleanout than that.

Something to take into consideration when evaluating if it’s time to get your tank pumped is if your tank is actually full. Your tanks are always full, if the water is coming out the top of them then you likely have a problem. Our team is trained to spot the difference, so if you’re unsure be sure to consult us for assistance. Better safe than sorry!

To ensure you’re provided with a quality service, we advise you to watch who ever cleans your system to make sure the system is properly cleaned and that all the tanks that they said they cleaned are really cleaned. With Brighteyes, your entrust in our company will never be broken.


Our Transparent Cleaning Process

  1. We first locate all the tanks. If you are not home, we can still proceed with this step. We have cleaned thousands of system and have the tools to locate the tanks on aerobic systems. Often, Aerobic systems stick out of the ground so they are typically easy to locate. Aerobic septic systems have three tanks, a fact often unknown by your average homeowner. Typically, the only tanks you see are the aerobic tank and the pump tank. The third tank is typically buried and out of site. In our years, we’ve encountered many systems where this tank has often gone unpumped because the pumper doesn’t want to dig it up or the homeowner doesn’t even know it exists.
  2. Once the tanks are located, we will pull the necessary hose needed to reach all the tanks. Our staff will remove your pump from the pump tank so we can clean it. This step should be performed by every reputable company, as over 90% of the time they are in dire need as a result of being dirty. In addition, removing the pump aids in the prevention of damage from pumping hoses - It’s a win-win! However, if your pump doesn’t have a coupling to remove it and you choose not to have us install one, we will have to leave it in the tank.
  3. Then we start on the trash tank, as it’s the most time-consuming septic tank to clean. As trash tank gets down towards the bottom the water normally gets very thick due to all the solids in the tank. We will use a water hose to make the pumping easier and to remove all the sludge. When the tank is clean you will be able to see the concrete bottom.
  4. The aerobic tank is the next tank we pump. Similar to the trash tank, the aerobic chamber will have solid matter in it as well and will be cleaned the same way. After the aerobic chamber is clean we leave the hose in the top of the tank running inside it so we can fill it up about half way. This is an important step because if the tank is left empty you run the risk of floating the tank. In addition to floating the tank, the alarm for the aerator might stay on as water creates back pressure so the switch in the control panel is activated and will keep the alarm off.
  5. The pump tank is the last to be cleaned. The pump tank is cleaned in the same manner. This tank is given some extra attention during the process, as the pump inside is not designed to pump solids so care is taken to make sure the tank is spotless inside. Once the pump tank is finished our technicians will place the pump bank inside and make sure the wires are properly secured.
  6. Lastly, is to clean up finalize the process. Our technician will encourage you to take a look at your newly cleaned tanks to ensure they’re to your liking. Once confirmed, we source the lids to the septic and place the dirt back on them. We strive to leave the site as if we were never there. As the customer, we encourage you to watch our processes.

Why Should I Get My Septic Tank Pumped?

  • Prevents clogging and/or backing up
  • Keeps the septic system producing high quality of treated wastewater
  • Keeps the sprinklers functioning properly – not clogging
  • Extends the life of tank components (e.g. effluent pump & aerator compressor)

How Often Should I Get My Septic Tank Pumped?

  • Every 4 to 6 years or before if sludge levels in pump tank reach 10 – 12 inches
  • If pump or sprinkler heads start malfunctioning due to clogging

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Why Trust Brighteyes Septic?

We are confident in our team and services to provide you with an exceptional Septic Tank Pumping service, below is a few reasons why you should trust Brighteyes.

  •  Your entire system gets pumped, not just the tank
  •  Your tank is vacuumed out then washed to remove any remaining sludge. We clean out everything no sludge is left behind
  •  When the tanks were put in the ground nothing was in them and that’s how we leave them when we are done. We fill the aerobic chamber with clean water so the tanks do not float out of the ground

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