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Brighteyes Septic Service has every product and supply we might need to service your septic system in proper operating condition in stock at all times. We even supply surrounding septic companies with many of the parts they need. Brighteyes can repair, and septic system ever manufactured back to factory spec in one day. With highly trained individuals that have installed thousands of systems and been with the company for over 20 years, we have seen everything and fixed everything.

Combined, Brighteyes has over 125+ years of combined experience in the septic business and offer factory-certified servicing for the following brand(s):


Areas of Expertise

Septic Control Panels

Control panels are a vital part of your system and power and control the components of the system. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever and need to be serviced or replaced. Many panels, when installed, are put on the ground under housings, leaving them susceptible to ants and high-water events. Also, many installers do not adequately seal the panels, so sewer gas and chlorine gas get in the panel and destroy it. If a new panel is needed, we will not install it on the ground it will be mounted on the house or 4x6 treated lumber. This increases the lifespan and also makes the system easier to work on and service. All connecting wires are sealed so gases cannot get into the panel. New wiring is generally used to accomplish this task as well as we will no splice wires together in a junction from the incoming power this is dangerous and not professional. We also don’t know if the old wiring is in a condition to be reused.

Septic Aerators

Septic aerators are one of the main components of your system. The aerator feeds air into the aerobic tank and keeps the aerobic bacteria alive. The aerator has nothing to do with your sprinkler pump and has a completely separate function. Many people believe that chlorine is what keeps our system from smelling when it is the aerator that is responsible for this. The aerator makes sure your bacteria are alive and makes the aerobic bacteria that break down all the harmful organics and other bacteria in the system flourish. Without it, you are discharging raw sewage onto the ground. If your aerator goes down the alarm on your system should alert you. If the alarm does not alert, you will notice a rancid smell about a week to two weeks after it is not functioning properly.

Aerators are designed to be rebuilt. One thing that can damage an aerator beyond repair is ants and water damage. Some aerators also do not have shut off switches and will burn the motor up trying to restart continually. It is essential you get the aerator fixed, so the system is operating properly also the smell if you don’t fix it will upset your neighbors. Brighteyes stocks every aerator made and can replace it on the same day.

Septic Tank Pumps

Septic tank pumps pump the water out of the last tank called the pump tank and disperse it to sprinklers or through drip line that is in your yard under the ground. These pumps can’t be rebuilt and have to be replaced when they do finally go out. A properly installed pump should last 9-14 years. Brighteyes only installs Mid suction pumps because of the longevity of the pumps. Septic tank pumps used in Texas are water well pumps designed to pump effluent or final treatment water that is very clean. If you neglect your system by not having it pumped, it will reduce the life of your pump. Sludge still get in the pump tank in small amounts and over time and get on the screen of the pump, reducing the amount of water the pump intakes. This makes the pump work harder. When Brighteyes replaces pumps when also change the bottom float or control float. The float is changed because almost all pumps fail due to motor failure, and when that happens the motor is drawing more amps than the float is rated/ designed for. If your pump has a bunch of trash on it we will require you to have the system pumped out or cleaned out we will not put a pump in a dirty tank and warranty the pump.

Done Right, Every Time.

We use factory parts specially made for your specific brand of an aerobic septic system, rather than alternative replacements that may not meet standards of the manufacturer or the State of Texas, and may, in fact, harm your septic system.

We do offer the direct sale of parts to owners of aerobic septic systems through Wholesale Septic Supply

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  •  22+ years in the business, 75+ years of combined experience, unmatched workmanship and competitive pricing

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