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Septic Tank Design Services

We service most common types of septic systems in Texas

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Brighteyes Enterprise has a well qualified staff onboard that is capable of assisting you with all of your residential (and commercial) septic needs – including a professional engineer, registered sanitarian, OSSF site evaluator, maintenance provider, level II installers, and highly trained service technicians. Each of these entities play a vital role in how the system is assessed, engineered, installed, and maintained.

As a general requirement, TCEQ states that first, a complete site evaluation shall be performed by either a site evaluator or a professional engineer on every tract of land where an OSSF will be installed. This evaluation involves soil and soil texture analysis, gravel analysis (where applicable), restrictive horizons analysis (which rule out clay subsoils, rock, and plugged laminar soils), groundwater evaluation (to determine if there are indications of groundwater within 24 inches of the bottom of the excavation), surface drainage analysis (for topography, flood hazard, etc), and finally, separation requirements to locate any potential contaminations that could prevent the proper operation of the system.

Once the determination has been made that the installation of the OSSF can proceed without any hazards or hindrances, a design is made which should be to-scale and show the property lines, structures, and other facilities such as private well, etc.

In order to obtain building, meter pole, and septic permits for a piece of property, an engineering design is required along with the signature documents and other necessary footnotes, and is to be filed with the local permitting authority, as well as the affidavit which is filed with the county. The design alone, can be for replacing an existing septic system, installing a new one, or laying out the facilities for future building. Brighteyes is equipped to offer this service as a stand alone, paired with a site evaluation, or bundled with the installation of a new aerobic septic system. Our availability in doing this ranges from small residential to large industrial. Call us for a free consultation.

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