Septic Wastewater Distribution

Types of Effluent Disposal Systems

Surface Distribution (sprinklers):

A surface distribution system is very similar to a lawn irrigation system. Spray heads are used to distribute treated wastewater to the surface of the yard. In the State of Texas, the sprinkler heads used are required to be specially made for the distribution of reclaimed wastewater.

Because this system has the highest potential for human contact with treated wastewater, it requires the greatest amount of wastewater treatment and the most attention to maintenance.

Spray is the easiest to fix & repair:

Drip Emitters:

We do not recommend this type of effluent dispersal. It can be very problematic and costly to repair.

Some uses for Drip Emitters:

Many homeowners eventually have a problem with their field lines. Drip emitter systems can be an expensive way to solve field line problems, but if your soil is the problem, then it may be the correct solution. Solving the septic problem and having a piece of mind is also worth a great deal. If properly installed by a professional, this can be a fast process and ensures the resolution of the problem.

For Builders & Developers:

Housing can be built on lots that could not formerly be developed.

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